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National and international visibility

L'articolo del "The New York Times" dedicato alla nostra Esposizione L'articolo del "The New York Times" dedicato alla nostra Esposizione

The following channels contribute to the diffusion of the exhibition all over the world:
Italian broadcasting companies, Italian State Tv, Italian and foreign commercial television (in the last editions: TBS - Tokio Broadcasting System, Pacific Image Film Company, NosHolland TV, 1 Radio E Tv – German broadcasting company, Associated Press Television – American TV, KTV Kansai Telecasting CorporationJapanese TV, Antenne 2French TV, Televisa – Mexican TV, TVE – Spanish TV - Hungarian TVPolish TV and further more );
Italian state broadcasting companies which follow the events through interviews and reports, in particular the three RAI networks, Rai News 24, SAT 2000 and the commercial channels Rete 4, Canale 5, Italia 1, Sky Tv, La7, Telepace, Roma Uno Tv, Teleroma 56, Gold Tv, Rete Oro, Super Tre, T9, Teleambiente, Telelazio-Reteblu, Teletevere, Europa 7, TVA 40, etc; and the radio channels: Radio Rai 1, Radio Rai 2, Radio Sat 2, Radio Vaticana, Radio 24, Radio Italia, Radio Dimensione Suono, Radio Capital, Ram Power, Radio Globo, RMC, Radio Radio, Radiomontecarlo, Radio Incontro, Radio Maria, Radio Subasio;
Live television shows in the most important broadcasting companies, national and commercial, as for example: Uno Mattina, A Sua Immagine, Domenica in, ecc.;
Press releases, articles and editorial on national and local newspapers, with special inserts attached to newspapers and travel tourism magazines as "Il Corriere della Sera", "La Repubblica", "Il Messaggero", "Il Tempo", "L'Osservatore Romano", "L'Avvenire", "Il Giornale", le "Gazzette", "Trovaroma", "I Viaggi di Repubblica" etc.

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