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Sua Eminenza Reverendissima Angelo Cardinale Comastri durante l''inaugurazione del 2012 Sua Eminenza Reverendissima Angelo Cardinale Comastri durante l''inaugurazione del 2012

The inauguration of 100 Crèches Exhibition takes place in the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, at the presence of representative of the religious authorities, non-clericals and diplomatic representatives. Guests of the past editions were Mrs. Ciampi, the Cardinal Francesco Marchisano, Archpriest of the Vatican Patriarchal Basilica and President of the Labour Office of the Apostolic See, the Cardinal Lopez Trujillo Alfonso, President of the Papal Council for the Family, S. E. Mons. Giuseppe Mani, Military ordinary for Italy, S.E. Archbishop Luigi Moretti, President of the Centre for Family Ministry (of CEI Lazio), Fabrizio Nevola, Councillor of the Italian Republic Presidency, ambassadors, clericals and non-clericals authorities. His Eminence Cardinal Francesco Marchisano commented the event as follow: "..100 Crèches Exhibition it's an event that, as well as having a cultural importance, it attracts people with tenderness during those alarming years. The message of the crèche, is intended not only as simple decorative items related to the Christmas tradition, but also as a link between a prayer for the family and a privileged place to hand down the most important values to children, values which are completely different from the ones that are displayed nowadays...". •Prize-giving ceremony of the exhibitors at the closing of 100 Crèches Exhibition. During the ceremony each exhibitor has received an attendance certificate, while the most brilliant works have been awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals, shields and cups offered by Italian Institutions and local governments.

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